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They say they’ve felt the hand of God! These miracles are a different kind of me-too experience

By Michele Fry

We believe in miracles here at New Life. We’ve seen some healing. Additionally, we see amazing things happen all the time, and we know they are by God’s hand.

I once had Jesus at the wheel of my car keeping it from sliding off an icy exit ramp in Omaha. I felt the loss of my control over the vehicle. Then I felt his presence; I felt his hands. This was pre-antilock brakes and autostop and self-steering. Technology didn’t save me; Jesus did. No one has to believe me, but I know.

Mary W has a story. She was walking through her home, where she knows every step. Yet somehow she missed one. She felt herself falling but first she went up, like a cartoon character who would come down on its back. It’s amazing how many thoughts can go through your head in a split second, she said. She said she thought, “Oh no, I can’t fall on my shoulder again.” It had only recently healed from a break. She said she thought “This is going to hurt.” She thought “I don’t know how this happened; did I slip on something?” And she thought “Oh God, oh Jesus, please.” Please what? Well, she didn’t know. But she felt herself caught and lowered and then she was standing on her feet.

“I felt it,” she said. Something real and solid, she added. “And I know God was with me in some way to make that happen.” If she tells you the story, she will repeat this for you so you’re clear: She was falling, unequivocally, and then she was standing on her own feet.

sky-1122416_1280Nicole spoke of her own miracle recently. She went from having a growth that needed surgery to not. Even the doctor was amazed.

I see the job I am in as a miracle. It came after more than a year of multiple moves, constant job-hunting and multiple rejections, even after stellar interviews. It came after I stopped resisting a fairly clear message from God to go home. It came easily. And suddenly. Have you heard how God does things suddenly? The word appears 87 times in the Bible, according to The rapid action occurs even more often. My job came suddenly. Miraculously.

Some would argue that these things aren’t miracles, that they are not supernatural. But God can step into our circumstances; He can be a real force and presence in our lives. If we allow it. In that same way, He is still a God of miracles. Miracles as big as tornadoes that don’t destroy every house in a block and as small as money in the exact amount needed from an unexpected source just in time. Some of us choose to believe these are miracles.

And those of us who do believe need to share our stories with one another, inside and outside of our church family. We will bolster one another’s faith and encourage hanging on and waiting for God to work. (Suddenly generally comes after waiting.) Through our stories, our testimonies, we bring glory to God. We continue the legacy of Abraham:”Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.” Romans 4:20-21

branches-daylight-environment-355296By seeing and recounting the miracles God enacts in our lives and the lives around us, and even throughout the world, it will show others what faith and love look like–ours and God’s.

Got a me-too moment like these? Where you’ve experienced God in the mix of your life, doing miracles, big and small? Please share!

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