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Our own special brand on pumpkin spice

The pumpkin spice latte is back at Starbucks, all kinds of concoctions are on grocery store shelves — pumpkin pie Kit Kat, anyone? — and restaurants across the country are incorporating this favorite into items on their menus. So you know what time it is? If you’re new to New Life, you might answer autumn. If you’ve been here for a while you know it’s pumpkin-carving-with-power-tools time!

IMG_0429Almost every year Pastor Art Barrett goes into his tool shed and brings out some implement best for building houses and uses it to shape a pumpkin. From chainsaws to drills, he’s revved up (or scared) the audience. He’s crafted artful jack-o-lanterns and meaningful lessons using squash.

To think we, the world, or Jesus have so much in common with a pumpkin is amazing. And yet it works. Few messages are as clear. The visual contributes to that. Think, if we are the world and Jesus put himself into it and got super messy so that we could be clean and made beautiful! Now visualize that with the gooey guts of a pumpkin. And that’s just one quick analogy. Surprising and insightful messages come from the harvest.

Pumpkin1 Pumpkin5 copy Considering the squash garden growing under the New Life palm trees, it looks like a new pumpkin lesson is coming our way in October or November. Stay tuned; we’ll try to get you an exact date — and an apron so you can sit up front and center!

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